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Terraform outputs in Ruby Code with ruby-tfoutputs

19 Oct 2016 | | ruby, terraform, outputs, aws

This post details a way to get your terraform outputs into your Ruby code. I wrote a little ruby gem to handle it. Why might you do this? Well good question, sometimes people like to write some scripting that uses things from terraform outputs. Of course you can just make a command line call to terraform output which is pretty simple. After writing this gem I was wondering whether or not I should have bothered:

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Get up and running with Puppetlabs AWS

05 Jan 2016 | | puppet, aws, puppetlabs, puppetlabs-aws

There’s an increasing number of ways to provision AWS infrastructure. I’ve already mentioned terraform which is my current frontrunner. There’s also also a couple of other options like the ansible cloud modules, Cloud Formation or writing your own custom stuff with an AWS sdk. In this post I’ll be looking at something I came across fairly recently: Puppetlabs-aws.

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Upgrading the kernel on Debian 7.8

07 Oct 2015 | | linux, extlinux, kernel, wheezy, debian, aws

I recently had a problem upgrading from the default kernel provided by the official Debian AMI (3.2.0-4) to something more recent in wheezy backports. The issue was quite simple but it stumped me pretty well! TL;DR extlinux-update is broken because it attempts to sort versions using: sort -nr instead of the version option:sort -Vr. In order to fix this you’ll need to replace these lines in /usr/sbin/extlinux-update

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